Thursday, January 3, 2013

Windows 8 - Enable Admin Tiles

One of the more convenient features of the Metro interface is that you can have all of the tiles you use regularly all available on startup. You will notice, however, that some of the more useful tiles that Administrators would need, like Control Panel, Windows Firewall and System Info are not shown by default. In this segment I will cover how to show this group of tiles.

Open the Metro interface by pressing the Windows Key

You can bring up the charms bar by moving your mouse to the upper right hand corner or by pressing Win+C. Then Click Settings

In Settings Click Tiles

When the Tiles window opens up you will see Show administrative tools is set to No. Slide it to Yes.

When you go back to the Metro interface you will see several new tiles have been added.

You can disable the tiles the same way, so if you are working on someones computer and need access to a few administrative tools temporarily you can activate them while you are doing your work and turn them off again when you are done.

More to come!

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