Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SCOM 2012 - Configure Gateway Server to Failover Between Management Servers

In the enterprise you are setting SCOM 2012 up in, it may be necessary to crate gateway servers in order to establish communication with untrusted domains. Gateway servers are a little complex to setup and configure so I will cover them in another segment.

To configure your gateway server to failover to multiple management servers you need to run Operations Manager Shell.
      Start > All Programs > Microsoft System Center 2012 > Operations Manager Shell

Enter the following code (update the server names to reflect your environment).
$primaryMS = Get-SCOMManagementServer –Name “<name of primary server>”
$failoverMS = Get-SCOMManagementServer –Name “<name of 1st failover>”,”<name of 2nd failover>”
$gatewayMS = Get-SCOMGatewayManagementServer –Name “<name of gateway>”

Set-SCOMParentManagementServer –Gateway $gatewayMS –PrimaryServer $primaryMS
Set-SCOMParentManagementServer –Gateway $gatewayMS –FailoverServer $failoverMS

You will return to a command prompt if successful.

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