Friday, November 23, 2012

SCOM 2012 - Exchange 2007 Monitoring Discovery

An interesting thing I found out about the Exchange 2007 management packs is they do not do the discovery automatically like other management packs typically do. I had to do a little troubleshooting on this issue to determine why my Exchange boxes were not pulling data. The agents were installed and configured correctly but I was not getting back data. As it turns out you need to enable discovery by creating overrides for some of the metrics to get this to work.

To enable the overrides go to into the Authoring space and Click Object Discoveries. In the search field look for Exchange 2007 Server Role. You should find the metrics below.
  • Exchange 2007 CCR Clustered Mailbox Server Role Discovery
  • Exchange 2007 CCR Node Role Discovery
  • Exchange 2007 Standalone CCR Node Discovery
  • Exchange 2007 CAS Role Discovery
  • Exchange 2007 Hub Transport Role Discovery
  • Exchange 2007 Edge Role Discovery
  • Exchange 2007 UM Role Discovery
Create Enable = True overrides for all.

If you are still having issues with discovery there is one more thing to check. You need to make sure that all of your exchange servers are setup to act as proxy servers. To do this go to the Administration space and Click Agent Managed. Do a find and search for your Exchange server. Right Click and select Properties. On the server properties window select the Security Tab. Check the box Allow this agent to act as a proxy and discover managed objects. Repeat this step for all Exchange servers (Hub, CAS, Mailbox, etc).

More to come!

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