Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SCOM 2012 - Reporting Space Not Appearing

So in a recent engagement I came across an issue with the Reporting space on the management console coming up blank (see below). None of the navigation tree objects would populate. This was a very strange error as it only was happening to me. No one else on my team or anyone on the client's side had this problem and it didn't happen on every management server only 3 out of 5. Then it happened to another one, then all of them stopped working. Then one of the people on the client's team started having the issue.

I did quite a bit of searching and could not figure out what the issue was.

I ended up reaching out to one of my buddies with Microsoft who is a product technology specialist and he was stumped too. He tried for two days to replicate the issue in his lab at MS to no avail.

Finally we started looking at other external environmental issues that may be causing it. As it turns out this particular client does not let their servers out to the internet, they have to use a proxy. So we unchecked Use a proxy server for your LAN in Internet Explorer under Options > Connections Tab > LAN settings and Poof! It worked.

Hope this helps you out as well!


  1. Thanks Jim. You saved us hours of troubleshooting there!!