Thursday, November 1, 2012

Outlook 2010 - Archive Items Manually

I am writing this one for myself as much as the rest of you. For some reason I cannot seem to remember where this is and since my company has very strict guidelines on mailbox size I have to visit this about once a month even though I have auto archiving setup.

To manually archive email in Outlook 2010 Click on File in the Ribbon. Then Click Cleanup Tools and Archive
Once the Archive window appears Click Archive this folder and all subfolders. Under Archive items older than, select a date that is appropriate.

If you have an Auto Archive .pst already setup you can leave the Archive file: location as the default which should be your .pst. Otherwise you can select a location to create a new .pst.

Click OK

Depending on how many objects are in your mailbox this could take a few minutes to run but shouldn't take too long.

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