Thursday, January 3, 2013

Windows 8 - Activation Error 0x8007007B

So I decided to get off my lazy duff and upgrade my version of Windows 8 from the consumer preview I have been running on to the full version (I went with Enterprise). I have been using CP since March and with the full version being out for several months I figured it was about time.

So I also took the opportunity to swap out my 300GB 5400RPM SATA drive for a 1TB Solid State. I have been spending the last couple days getting the OS installed and reinstalling all my apps. I am nearly done and wanted to start doing some personalization which, in Windows 8 you can't do until it is activated. So I went into the system properties and under Windows Activation I Clicked View details in Windows Activation. I Clicked Activate and was greeted with a 0x8007007B error:

The issue is caused by a missing product key in some of the .iso versions in the MSDN library. You can clear this error closing the Windows Activation window and open up a command prompt with administrative privilege and type the following command:
slui 3

You will return to a command prompt and the Windows Activation window will also open but you will notice that the existing key has been removed and it is ready to receive a new product key. Go ahead and enter your new key and Click Activate

After Windows validates the key you will get the following:

If you go back in to View details in Windows Activation you will see the following:
Close the window and you are all set!

More to come!

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