Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hyper-V - Installation

I have mentioned this a few times in previous segments that one of the really useful things about Windows 8 is it has Hyper-V available natively in the Pro and Enterprise versions (not available in Basic). Being a consultant I use it on a daily basis. It makes doing client demos and new product testing/training so much easier. I can spin up a new virtual machine in a matter of minutes and be off and working on it in no time.

I want to do a few segments on covering the Hyper-V basics and thought the installation would be a good place to start.I will be illustrating the install for Windows 8 and I plan to cover the install for Windows Server 2008R2 in another segment.

In Windows 8 - Enable Admin Tiles I showed you how to add the administrative tiles to your Metro interface. If you did this then the Control Panel tile should be part of that group. If not then Hit the hit the Windows key to open up Metro and type Control Panel. You should see the Control Panel option on the left pane and it should be selected so Click Enter. In the Control Panel Click Programs and Features.

In Programs and Features Click Turn Windows features on or off

In Windows Features, find Hyper-V and Check it. You can expand out the sub-menu and verify that all the boxes are checked. Click OK

The install will search for the required files then apply changes and complete the install. This should take about a minute or so. Once the install is finished a reboot will be required to finalize the installation.

When the reboot is complete you should see two new tiles in Metro, Hyper-V Manager and Hyper-V Virtual Machine Connection.

More to come!

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