Monday, November 11, 2013

SCOM 2012 - Configure ACS Reporting

In Deploying ACS we discussed how to install and configure Audit Collection Services. Now we will discuss how to setup the reporting services for ACS so you can utilize the compiled data in a useful way. This requires that you have Reporting Services installed either locally or on a remote machine. If you have not setup Reporting Services refer back to my previous segment SCOM 2012 - Web & Reporting Services Install.

So the first thing we need to do is create a temp folder called c:\ACS. This will be deleted later but it will hold the install files. Next copy the contents of \ReportModels\ACS to the newly created temp ACS folder. In this folder there should be an .exe called ReportingConfig.exe. If it is not there go to \SupportTools and find it under your respective processor. Copy the file back to c:\ACS.

The contents should look like this:

From an administrative command prompt, run the following command:
UploadAuditReports "<AuditDBServer\Instance>" "<Reporting Server URL>" "<path of the copied acs folder>"

For example: UploadAuditReports "myAuditDbServer\Instance1" "http://myReportServer/ReportServer$instance1" "C:\acs"

This example creates a new data source called Db Audit, uploads the reporting models Audit.smdl and Audit5.smdl, and uploads all reports in the acs\reports directory.

Once you get back to a command prompt you can close this window. Open up a web browser and navigate to your reporting page. It should be http://servername/reports_instancename. You will see the newly created Audit Reports. Click on it.

In Audit Reports change the sort to Details View

Right Click on DB Audit and Manage

Make sure Windows integrated security is selected and Test Connect. If you are able to connect Click Apply

Back in the SCOM console go into the Reporting Space. You should see the new Audit Reports Section.

Note: You may have to close the console and re-open it for this to to take effect. 

You can now remove the c:\ACS folder as it is no longer needed.

More to come!

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